Day 1248: Ascent of Kings

Posted: 2014/04/11 in Indie Games

I recently checked out “Fractopia” from Nostatic Software (who also brought us “Quiet, Please!”, “Quiet Christmas”, “Block Zombies!”, “Kung Fu FIGHT!”, and “Vacation Vexation”). Well, let’s add “Ascent of Kings”.

A platformer with a focus on Read the rest of this entry »

Day 1247: Doppelganger

Posted: 2014/04/10 in Indie Games

We recently reviewed 2013 title “Titan Attacks”. But Pumpkin Games released a little-known title way back in 2010 called “Doppelganger” that is pretty intriguing. It has you Read the rest of this entry »

The embedded video focuses on the intended effect of the game on infants rather than gameplay, and “A Game For Alexander” is great if you’re looking for just that.

I imagine there might be a secondary market for stoners who Read the rest of this entry »

What started out looking like a cheesy mini-game without the rest of the mini-game collection to go with it, totally surprised me, exceeding every expectation I had for it, and ultimately reminding me of one of my favourite Dreamcast games, “Virtua Tennis”. “Avatar Field Goal” has you Read the rest of this entry »

There are a lot of games that resurrect classic play styles that have little hope of finding an audience aside from people filled with nostalgia. But “Chicken Origami Invaders”

is one that has half a hope of doing so. That’s because Read the rest of this entry »

Day 1243: DATABITS

Posted: 2014/04/06 in Indie Games

Sometimes I play games where I don’t directly control things. Even games that weren’t really designed to play that way. For example, “Speedball 2″ was not designed as a detailed sports management sim, but buried in the options is the ability to play it that way. So I did. A lot. I found it enjoyable and relaxing as I upgraded my players, made trades, and selected my line-up. Another one is the original “Star Control”, that lets you select ships and move them around, and the AI taking over when they fight.

“DATABITS”, on the other hand, is designed to be played this way. An experimental and Read the rest of this entry »

Day 1242: Giant Hunter

Posted: 2014/04/05 in Indie Games

From the publisher of “Along Came A Spider”, “Toy Stunt Bike”, “Toy Stunt Bike 2″, “Vampire Slayer FPS”, “Bulkhead”, “Mini Wizards”, “Saturn 9″, “Avatar Survival Games”, and “BULKHEAD Survival” comes a daring, unexpected, and crazy (not to mention crazily entertaining) mash-up of “Minecraft” and “Shadow of the Collossus”.

“Giant Hunter” delivers on its Read the rest of this entry »

Day 1241: Steam and Metal

Posted: 2014/04/04 in Indie Games

There have been more than a few shooters reviewed recently, but most of them were horizontally scrolling. “Steam and Metal” is vertically scrolling, a “bullet hell” style shoot-’em-up (more common in vertically scrolling than horizontally scrolling shmups), and has an amazing Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a fan of “We Love Hamsters” which has produced a lot of quirky games that rubbed me the right way. This is the sequel to one of them.

“LCD Dungeon System XL” reimagines Read the rest of this entry »

Day 1239: Noyd

Posted: 2014/04/02 in Indie Games

Bog Turtle Games which previously released “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 1 “ (2009), “Galax-E-Mail” (2008), has managed to come up with two games in 2013: the previously reviewed “Elfland Reloaded Vol. 2″, and today’s review. And boy is it different.

“Noyd” turns game collections on their head by Read the rest of this entry »