Recap #3: Who Did I Date Last Night

Posted: 2010/11/05 in Indie Games
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Game #3 was “Who Did I Date Last Night”

This was a little better than game #2. The title could easily have it be mistaken for a dating sim or… well, something about dating, but in fact it’s a logic puzzle. You went out on a date with a woman the previous night but can’t remember her name. You are presented several facts her and have to guess which woman it is based on these facts. This was another title I purchased early on when there were only a handful of Indie Games to choose from, and I had some Microsoft Points burning a hole in my virtual pocket. It’s actually not a terrible diversion for those who like logic puzzles and looking at pictures of attractive women, but I didn’t find it had any lasting appeal for me.

So that’s two today that didn’t quite hit the mark. On to the next…

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