Recap #6: Solar

Posted: 2010/11/07 in Indie Games
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Game #6 was “Solar”.

Solar is a game that just screams innovation. In the game you play as, I kid you not, a star. You compete with other stars to attract planets with your gravitational pull, and even moons to your planets. Competition for orbiting satellites apparently can get a little rough in Solar’s universe, and you can lay the smack down on other stars by reducing them to lesser stars, even eliminating them entirely.

Far from a plodding afair, in the game your star roams the universe freely and quickly making the gameplay as engaging as it is unique. There are navigational hazards you will have to watch out for in your travels, ones that can become worse if you’ve successfully snatched a tonne of planets and moons into your orbit.

For 80 Microsoft points, this is a tremendous game. I added the “simulation” tag to this article for lack of what else to call it, but I’m open to suggestions as to what better genre to categorise this in.

Click here to download “Solar”, and then please come back after playing to rate the game.

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