Recap #7: Explosionade

Posted: 2010/11/08 in Indie Games
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Game #7 was “Explosionade”.

I bought this game after reading about it on Xbox Live Indie Clips on Kotaku. Is it possible to resist an article that states “When life gives you explosions, you make Explosionade”? My answer: you cannot.

Explosionade’s story is pretty throw-away, but it’s animation is smooth, it’s control’s are pixel perfect, and there is some simple platforming and puzzle solving mixed in amongst the non-stop shooting action of its large collection of levels. For 80 Microsoft Points I couldn’t resist. By the time the demo ended and I had to decide whether to buy it or not, I had already had enough fun to warrant a purchase and the 80 MSP was simply paying up for the fun I’d already had. The fact that there was more to be had beyond that was simply a bonus.

Click here to download “Explosionade” and please come back afterward to review it.

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