Finding Indie Games made easier again

Posted: 2010/11/09 in Indie Games

It’s been widely reported this afternoon that Microsoft has moved the Indie Games back from “Specialty Shops” to the “Games and Demos” section of the Games Marketplace.

Here is Microsoft’s official announcement of that and several other issues related to Indie Games. The press release is intended for the Indie Game developers so is a big jargon-laden, but still makes for interesting reading (as do some of the replies from Indie Game developers).

  1. Some articles online have indicated that Indie Games have been moved to the fourth section of “Games and Demos” inside Games Marketplace. On my dashboard today, it was in the third slot.

    Interestingly, the Indie Games tab comes up before any of the others do, and then it populates the other tabs. This makes it impossible to ignore the Indie Games tab at the present time, which is kind of cool.

    Great job to everyone who advocated with Microsoft to improve the placement of the Indie Games tab.

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