Recap #8: Puzzwords

Posted: 2010/11/09 in Indie Games
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Game #8 was “Puzzwords”.

I bought this game because I was looking for something like Bookworm, but I found something rather different (and arguably better). This is like Sega’s classic gem shifting puzzle game Columns, except with letters rather than precious stones. You are given three letters and the ability to spin them and shift them. Anyone who has played Tetris or Columns will be familiar with the “drop the piece in the play area” mechanic, but rather than filling in lines (ala Tetris) or a series of colour (ala Columns) here you attempt to put together words. When you get a combination of letters that spells the word a definition is provided in the upper left-hand corner. Impressively, the game includes 7000 word definitions. The presentation is solid and the gameplay is fantastic, all the more so because it supports multiplayer. Puzzwords is recommended for anyone who likes Columns, anyone who likes word games, and is highly recommended for anyone who likes both. It’s insanely good value for 80 Microsoft Points.

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