Day 82: Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos

Posted: 2011/01/30 in Indie Games
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I’m purchasing an Xbox Live Indie Game every day, seeking out the quality titles that got lost in the shuffle and no longer appear in the top 50 downloads. Today is day #82, and today’s game is “Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos”.

Did you ever play Peggle and wish there were a tonne more options? Then Orbyx is your game.

This is Peggle (which is itself just a flavour of pachinko; similar to “Plinko” from the Price is Right game show if you’re unfamiliar), but there are a lot of additions too, including:

– in about 1/3 of the levels you have a paddle at the bottom of the screen, ala Arkanoid, something that many Peggle players have yearned for

– there’s a peg in some levels called the “Curse of Undoing”, that literally re-esablishes on the board all the pegs you hit before being cursed

– the (entirely optional) ability to get a simulated projection of your ball’s trajectory

– pinball-style bumpers that bounce the ball around unpredictably

– larger pegs that react differently than the smaller ones

Most levels are constantly in motion, so even the ability to simulate the ball’s trajectory doesn’t feel cheap. Other special features can be triggered such as multi-ball, ball teleport, and ball explosions. The level design is really tremendous, and the art style seems somewhat inspired by Puzzle Quest (which is a good thing). This game is highly recommended to Peggle fans, pinball fans, Arkanoid fans, and puzzle gamers in general. At 400 Microsoft Points, it’s half the price of the XBLA release of Peggle, and a much more feature-rich game. I have them both, but I know I’ll be playing Orbyx more.

Click here to download “Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos”, and then please come back to rate the game.

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