Day 83: radiangames Crossfire 2

Posted: 2011/01/31 in Indie Games
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I’m purchasing an Xbox Live Indie Game every day, seeking out the quality titles that got lost in the shuffle and no longer appear in the top 50 downloads. Today is day #83, and today’s game is “radiangames Crossfire 2”.

Anything with “radiangames” in the title is a must-buy for me, and Crossfire 2 is no different. I loved the first Crossfire, as well as his other games (“Joy Joy”, “Fireball”, “Inferno”, and “Fluid”.

If Crossfire was Space Invaders on steroids, Luke Schneider of radiangames has somehow found a way to ramp up the dosage several notches higher. Consider what was added:

– a deep upgrade system
– multiple difficulty levels
– online scoreboards
– new (and in some cases larger) enemy types and enemy powers

With the addition of online scoreboards we now have a distinction between play modes: Score Attack is the beefed up mode from the first game, where you fight endless waves of enemies and are eligible for ranking on the online scoreboards, but new this time out is Conquest mode which is a singleplayer only affair and has the player progressing through 60 waves of enemies across three planets.

The presentation is not wildly changed from the original, with the techno music and the neon-menus. It thankfully didn’t need an overhaul, it was already eye-catching and superb, but this time the neon presentation has been “cranked up to 11” (with apologies to Spinal Tap).

In addition to the major improvements mentioned above, the game is full of additional minor tweaks and improvements throughout that will keep it fresh for existing fans, while being a must-buy for new fans. At the (not so) princely sum of 80 Microsoft Points, this game screams replayability and value.

For a second opinion, check out Kobun’s review of radiangames Crossfire 2.

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