Site update

Posted: 2011/03/19 in Indie Games

As the number of comments has been on the increase, I have moved the “Latest Comments” section up to near the top of the left sidebar, and added some features to it. The list of latest comments no longer has the icon of the user, but it is now an RSS-able list for those who want to subscribe to the site’s comments (just click the orange “RSS” logo beside “Latest Comments”). The comment summary now also includes the date of each comment and its text so you can scan all the recent comments without having to visit every page that’s been commented upon. Before it was confusing on what part of the link you had to click to view the comment, now clicking any part of the link will take you to the comment so you can read it and/or reply. I moved “Latest Posts” down the left sidebar after the comments, as scanning the main page quickly shows you all the recent posts anyway. After that comes “Top Posts”, those with the most views over the last several days. Finally, the MassDeduction twitter feed which is mostly there so people know the site’s content is accessible from Twitter, for those who would prefer that method.

Other planned improvements (top ten lists, sorting by price point, etc.) are still in the works, but it’s amazing what doing a review EVERY DAY will do to slow down progress on other fronts, not to mention I do have a day job as well. See you tonight for a review of today’s game. Note that I’m on the West Coast of Canada and that sometimes what’s still (late) today for me is early tomorrow for some of you. Thanks for visiting WMD.

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