Any Xbox Live Indie Games you’re curious about?

Posted: 2011/05/14 in Indie Games

Are there any Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) that you’re curious about? If so, I take requests! Give me the name of an indie game that you’re trying to figure out is worth your Microsoft Points and I’ll play it for you: if I find it’s good, I’ll buy it and review it so that you (and everyone else) know how good it is. Just leave a comment on this article with the name of any indie games you have a review request for.

  1. Spencer says:

    I’ve been thinking about purchasing Explosive Gas… basically a Bomberman clone with XBL support for 8 players. It looks pretty good. I’m a sucker for retro graphics.

    Once I get some more reward points in I will definitely be purchasing Blocks That Matter. Everything I’ve heard about it has been extremely positive. I have always been a fan of puzzle platformers.

    Also have been interested in Starzzle… it looks like a fun puzzle game.

    I don’t know if these fit your requirements since all are fairly new releases, but give them a shot and let us know what you think. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, they all either were (or now are) on my short list. Explosive Gas I’m particularly interested in as a Bomberman fan back to the TurboGrafx-16 version.

      There’s a lot of chatter about Starzzle on Twitter, too. Block That Matter I don’t know anything about yet, but I will check it out when the time is right.

  2. babaz says:

    i suggest SEQUENCE — now that’a something new and intriguing, let’s call it Rhythm-RPG

    btw: awesome job Steven, keep it on!

  3. @SuperDiki says:

    I would like to see you write up some genre comparisons of games you have already reviewed.

    RPG genre
    list all the rpg games you’ve reviewed (with links, and price? release date?) (possibly list ones you haven’t aswell?!)

    Then write a bit about which games were good at different elements. Highlight which ones did each category well and why (eg best Gameplay/Graphics/value for money etc). Then maybe choose your top one or two RPG’s overall?

    I can understand if you wouldn’t want to do this – as it sort of breaks your insanely hardcore mission of reviewing a game a day!

    So alternatively games from folk a follow :D:-
    “Run Away” + “Love Hurts” by @joncorpgames
    “Zombie Accountant” by @benkane
    “Super Tank Run” by @CSR_Studios

  4. Kiyobi says:

    I’m grabbing a demo of BlurBall right now. Judging from the screenshots this game looks pretty sweet. I wonder if you’d like it too…

  5. Kiyobi says:

    You should totally look in to ShellBlast HD if you’re a Minesweeper type.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Magical Cube!!

  7. XamLance says:

    If you would like to try BombLocker, I’ll give you a redemption code. Just email me.

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