Day 243: World Wars – European Conflicts

Posted: 2011/07/10 in Indie Games

What’s not to love about a game that invokes Cinemaware’s Wings, Cannon Fodder, and classic tank combat games? The answer is nothing. Tank action, 360 degree flight overhead bombing/flight combat/paratrooper insertion, and squad-based infantry combat round out this 240 Microsoft Point action/strategy hybrid.

This is another short review. This is my busy season at work and soon I will have to cry uncle on the daily reviews, instead transitioning into daily content (but not necessarily a full-fledged review) every day. The good news is I’ll be coming back and re-reviewing all of these great games that deserved better/longer reviews, and taking the opportunity to look back and come up with long-requested features such as top-10 lists and other ways to re-highlight the great Xbox Live Indie Games already highlighted on Mass Deduction. Don’t worry, my long-term commitment to this project is undaunted despite recent sickness, the busy season at work, and other challenges: I just topped my Microsoft Point balance back up to around 20,000 points, around where it was when I began 243 days ago.


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