Day 259: War of Words

Posted: 2011/07/26 in Indie Games

I’m purchasing an Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) every day, seeking out the quality titles that got lost in the shuffle and are not well represented in the top 50 lists on the Xbox Dashboard. Today is day #259, and today’s game is “War of Words”.

Ever played Puzzle Quest, the innovative role-playing game that paired RPG mechanics with a Bejeweled-ish match-3 puzzle game? War of Words is a bit like Puzzle Quest, but gone are the Bejeweled elements replaced with tile word game elements. Fans of “Puzzwords”, Scrabble, “Word Soup”, Boggle, “Scrambled Egzz”, Bookworm, and “WordWise” will find a lot to like here.

First, from the developer (ScrumThorax):

“Battle for supremacy against the forces of evil in the fantasy world of Lexica. Master words, spells, equipment, and combat in this unique RPG/word-game hybrid.”

The biggest change in the switch from “match-3” puzzler to word game is that the game plays out in real time, unlike the turn-based battles of Puzzle Quest. You hunt for words amongst the tiles that keep appearing at the bottom of your well. You have to watch that your tiles don’t get too high (ala Tetris), while finding words (ala Bookworm) and unleashing them to cause damage on your opponent (ala Puzzle Quest). It all works surprisingly well together.

You do damage by filling a magic meter, as once full you’ll be able to unleash the attack. Finding words fills the meter, and in true Scrabble fashion longer and more complex words do more damage. Surprisingly, the game has side quests and other additions to the main storyline. Did I mention it even has a main storyline? It does, and it’s at least as good (probably better) than the one from the original Puzzle Quest. “War of Words” has hours of content for your 240 Microsoft Points.

It’s not perfect; there are some low points to the presentation at times but they’re far from ever-present, and the gameplay is so compelling that they’re easy to look past. The local multiplayer is a nice addition as well. “War of Words” is a must for any fan of Puzzle Quest and/or word games.

Click here to download “War of Words”, and then please come back after playing to rate the game.

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  1. This was one of the first indie games I bought; I think it was maybe the second or third. It was pretty much this game that showed me the Xbox indies aren’t just things like Baby Maker Extreme.

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