Posted: 2011/07/27 in Indie Games

First an admission, I’m not even a big fan of soccer/footy/football (whatever you want to call it), my sports of choice are NHL hockey and professional cycling (ala the Tour de France). That said, I found Qoccer amazing. It’s a bit like a competitive game of pool, but where both sides choose their shot and the shots are executed simultaneously. That’s right, this is turn-based soccer and it’s surprisingly fun and interesting. It’s quirky enough, and the production values high enough, to pull in non-soccer fans… in fact, I think non-soccer fans might be among the most interested in it. It deserves a longer review and some day it will get one, but life has intruded on today’s review (damn day job during the busy season at work) and for today I’ll have to content myself with purchasing the game and offering this mini review.

  1. K says:

    A fantastic game.

    Buy it people.

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