Posted: 2011/07/29 in Indie Games

In Tunescape, when you play music you really “play” music. In this game, music is broken down into tune fragments as it plays, and your job is to collect as much of it as you can. This game oozes great presentation, and really drew me in. Tune fragments are colour-coded, and if you collect enough of a given type then you active special abilities (shielding, the ability to draw fragments to you, and speed boost). Progressing through the game requires scoring high enough to keep unlocking future levels, and scoring high enough requires good reflexes, mastering your special abilities, and learning to minimise the threat of multiplier-reducing enemies. Tunescape has in-built music for you to play, but can also optionally use music stored on your Xbox 360 hard drive to create the tunescape for each level. Tunescape is awesome, and only 80 Microsoft Points.

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