Posted: 2011/08/14 in Indie Games

TransSubversion is the first platformer I’ve reviewed in a while, and it doesn’t appear to be a well-known one, but it’s quite good. The colourful graphics remind me a bit of “Weapon of Choice” (which I reviewed a veritable lifetime ago, back on Day 21!). The levels spin 45 degrees or 90 degrees upon hitting various devices that modify gravity, something players of XBLA (and Windows Phone) hit Ilomilo will feel right at home with, but keep in mind TransSubversion came out over a year ago.

Levels are short and they also reward speed, so this game lends itself to speedrun replays which is not a bad thing at all. In addition to the gravity-defying elements, you’ll also have to unlock doors, jump, roll, and get past barriers. Taking a cue from Halo, which benefited from forcing you to decide which weapons to leave behind and which to take with you, you can only carry one item (a weapon or a key, for example) and you are forced to juggle them as needed which allows for some strategy often missing from platformers. This game has enough creativity going for it to justify 240 Microsoft Points, especially if you’ve already finished other unmissable XBLIG platformers like “Along Came A Spider”, “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1”, “Astroman”, “PLATFORMANCE : Castle Pain”, etc.


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