SketchBox 360

Posted: 2011/08/18 in Indie Games

Despite its great presentation (that reminds me a bit of looking at displays in the Fallout games), I passed on SketchBox 360 in the past. I finally succumbed today, however, and I’m glad I did. SketchBox 360 is a bit like playing games on an Etch-a-Sketch, with included playmodes like “Trace Race” (compete to see who can trace an image the fastest), “Sketchet Ball” (a bit like Pong/air hockey), and “Bump” (which is a maze game of sorts where you have to manoeuvre an object to the goal). You can just do freestyle drawing if you’re prefer, turning it into a true electronic Etch-a-Sketch. For 80 Microsoft Points, this game is a lot of fun.


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