Posted: 2011/08/24 in Indie Games

This is one of the best 80 Microsoft Point puzzle games I’ve ever come across, easily besting a host of XBLA games that cost ten times more. Codex has you pushing around a grid, with every push placing the block you control into place and forcing out a block at the other end of the row/column. The goal is to match a pattern displayed in the upper right-hand corner, and the game has lots of levels of pattern matching play. Doing that is simple enough, but doing so within the move limit takes some creativity to find the shortest number of moves to make the desired pattern. By the time the game starts throwing wrinkles at you like unmoveable blocks, you know you’re in for a fun and challenging puzzler.

The presentation is quite attractive, with the unusual feature of a music visualiser integrated into the game, with the background pulsing and reacting to the music. Online leaderboards round out a great package.

  1. andregurov says:

    A great game that I finally got around to playing; I adore that you can play your own music library in the game as the background gears pulse along! The score saving can be a little strange (it saves scores by each individual session rather than puzzle) but that is probably to encourage some replay ability. Particularly neat, to me, is that when you reset a puzzle it rotates … which reminds me of how painfully linear my thought process is! Definitely one of the better puzzle games I’ve played on my 360.

    • Dang, Andregurov, that was a game I reviewed almost three years ago! I had to re-read my own review to have any idea what you were talking about. I’ve reviewed about a thousand games since then! :P Great to hear you tried it and enjoyed it. :)

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