Neighbourhood is GANG INFESTED

Posted: 2011/08/30 in Indie Games

What if Saint’s Row had been made as a turn-based strategy game? The resulting game might have looked a lot like “Neighbourhood is GANG INFESTED” (which, while the game’s Xbox Live “box art” says “Your Neighbourhood is Gang Infested”, the “Your” is dropped in the title on the Xbox Dashboard and it’s therefore filed under “N”; when in doubt, buy it here). This is a Risk-ish strategy game with card battle elements. If that isn’t the strangest mash-up you’ve ever heard of, then I’d like to hear what you feel is stranger. The card element is interesting, allowing you not only to deploy cards to affect offensive and defensive attributes in battle, but also to leave traps for enemies that, should they take a territory from you, their armies will be dropped to only a single remaining unit, among other effects. Before long you’ll be doing drive-bys, intimidating enemy units, or having all of this done to you. How can you not buy this game for 80 Microsoft Points if you’re at all interested in turn-based strategy games?

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Perfect! Another gem found in my view. Turn-Based has to be my fave form of gaming. Brings back memories of playing games with a board or with our minds (D&D) and everyone had a turn. Can’t wait to try this one out.

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