Day 293: Snailien Invasion!

Posted: 2011/08/31 in Indie Games

I’m purchasing an Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) every day, seeking out the quality titles that got lost in the shuffle and are not well represented in the top 50 lists on the Xbox Dashboard. Today is day #293, and today’s game is “Snailien Invasion!”.

What if you took Worms (one of the real-time installments in the series, not the turn-based artillery games), but made the Worms all like Batman (meaning acrobatic abilities and a tool belt filled with dozens of high-tech tools and weapons)? You might end up with something like Snailien Invasion! This game seems to have failed to have transcended its 240 MSP launch price, but these days it’s at the more impulse-buy price of 80 Microsoft Points (though I feel it was worth it at either price). That, paired with its long list of weapons and abilities, Xbox Live multiplayer play, co-op modes, and more, makes Snailien Invasion! an absolute must buy.

First, from the developer (Manly Games):

“Snailien Invasion is a 2D platform shooter with destructible terrain, over 30 weapons and full HD support. Inspired by the classic game Liero, we take it up a notch with huge levels and multiplayer support for up to eight players! Play up to four players on split screen. Either go against your friends or play solo/coop against waves of Drones in the survival mode.”

Snailien Invasion! has a leveling-up system that is the key to unlocking new classes and weapons as you go through the game. This provides a surprising amount of replay value, giving you both a goal to shoot for (the next unlockable) and a new toy to play with every time you do. Also helping replay is the fact that it supports Xbox Live online play, system link, split screen, co-op, and single player modes.

At times it feels a bit like you’re playing Dig Dug, as you dig through the ground to position yourself. Some of the zany weapons and abilities in the game include the anti-matter gun, and traps that you can set. If you like strategy/action games but want to be more Spiderman/Errol Flynn than a stationary turn-based worm, then Snailien Invasion! is likely you’re game.

Click here to download, and then please come back after playing to rate the game.

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