Posted: 2011/09/01 in Indie Games

StormGate is an unexpected and interesting mash-up between a tower defence game and SimCity. You place towers (in real time) with a fairly normal assortment of tower types, upgrades, traps, and so on, but the real innovation here comes in the form of the town you’re defending. Developing your town actually provides certain bonuses to your defence efforts, and building the right town is just as important as finding the right ways to defend it. It’s a neat gimmick that works well, and elevates it above other tower defence games. Only 80 Microsoft Points required to gain entry to StormGate.

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I’ll be honest with you. I own this game and gave up on it but think I will revisit it again. I love tower defense games and simcity games but didn’t see it the way you just described it. Maybe with my new mindset I will get more out of it. I was approaching it as a tower defense only game. We’ll see.

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    OK….I missed the part where you had to build your city between levels. I never understood why it was so hard after only a few levels but with this added feature now the whole games makes sense. Thank you for helping me rediscover a fun game I had already purchased.

    • I’m really pleased that you managed to not only discover a hidden gem of the indie games catalogue, but managed to even love a game that you’d already purchased but not managed to get into on the first try! As much as I want people to buy more indie games, I also want people to appreciate and talk positively about the ones they already have.

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