Posted: 2011/09/04 in Indie Games

I seem to be reviewing a lot of one-year-old indie games lately, and this one continues the trend as I review a game that came out in September 2010 called Figment. I’m not sure where it’s been hiding all this time, as it’s right up my alley. While I expected Hydro Thunder to be my favourite Dreamcast launch-window title, another game actually ended up winning that crown: Toy Commander (TC). TC had everything going for it, but most especially the perfect sense of how children play and view the world through their toys. Figment taps into that same sense of wonder as you take on the role of an action figure trying to save its owner from… well, why spoil it when you can buy (or at least trial) this intriquing 80 Microsoft Point game for yourself? With tight platforming and an action motif (more Metal Slug or Contra than Super Mario), co-op available throughout the entire game, and bosses that are huge, inventive, and often surprising, Figment was a can’t miss game for me and it delivered.


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