“Gravity Dash” (aka “360 Mega Pack HD Remix”)

Posted: 2011/09/05 in Indie Games

This game is called “360 Mega Pack HD Remix”, but it should really be called “Gravity Dash”, an excellent game amongst a large passel of games/apps that constitutes the “Pack”. Everything else is non-game (such as the calculator, the clock, and the flashlight), or a cheesy no-frills version of a game type available in a superior version in the Xbox Live Indie marketplace. Gravity Dash, however, is a different beast entirely. It has you reversing polarity to move your character up or down to navigate the speedy, sometimes maze-like, levels (including the ability to create your own). The developer (Seph) seems to understand that Gravity Dash is really where it’s at with his title, check out the official description:

“A collection of titles such as Super Button Mashing Bros, Ultra Clock, TwinStick Shooter, Omega Calculator, Masters of Memory, Rumble Lounge, Arrow Panic, Fortuitous Fortune Cookie, Fantastic Flashlight, Ping, and Gravity Dash. Gravity Dash is a fast paced platformer in which you must intelligently manipulate gravity. Includes a campaign as well as a full-feature level editor.”

Note that almost half of the description is about Gravity Dash, further proof that it should have been rolled out as an independent product. That alone is worth 80 Microsoft Points, and feel free to ignore everything else.


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