Posted: 2011/09/07 in Indie Games

Isagoras is a nicely rendered (3D looking) top-down shoot-’em-up (shmup), with a twist. It takes the “bullet hell” shmup genre and adds “bullet time” to it, one of the few genres where I can’t think of a game that’s experimented with it. It adds an intriquing element of strategy to a genre that can really benefit from it, with the timing of engaging your “bullet time” being crucial to success. Add to that levels where you can use the environment to block incoming shots, and Isagoras’ high production values, and there’s an awful lot to like here for 240 Microsoft Points.

  1. Kobun says:

    Shooters had bullet time for ages. Back then it was called “slowdown.” :p I can’t say I find the ship and level design all that interesting, but this does look good. Reminds me a bit of Silpheed in that sense.

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