Commander – World 1

Posted: 2011/09/17 in Indie Games

“Commander – World 1” innovates on your typical tower defence game by making strategic tower upgrading often more important than tower placement, and by the fact that defence installations may move out of range of incoming asteroids (damn rotating planets). Also offers bright and colourful graphics. I also appreciated how upgrades would take a while to come into effect, so timing the upgrades was crucial: a very nice touch in what has become a bit of a stale genre, in the eyes of many. Only 80 Microsoft Points.

  1. The thing that impressed me the most was the shifting path of the asteroids. I haven’t seen that done anywhere else. Usually you build a core defence and then just expand from there, but in this game planting too much defence in one place can make trouble later.

    • Agreed, that is something that really sets this tower defence game apart (and I probably should have done a better job of highlight that, now that you mention it).

      When you finally get caught up, I’m going to miss approving half a dozen of your comments daily. Thanks so much for being so verbose as you go through the site! :)

      • You’re welcome. At least I haven’t strayed into irritatingly prolific!

        And thanks to you for maintaining such a useful and interesting project. I’ve bought several games that WMD introduced me to, and there are more that I intend to try when I get chance.

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