Toy Stunt Bike

Posted: 2011/09/19 in Indie Games

Toy Stunt Bike is another in the long line of Motocross games that stretch back through “OSR Unhinged”, “Old School Racer”, Trials HD, Kikstart II, and more. So that raises the question, what differentiates it? I like that the game records points for your tricks, ala Metropolis Street Racer, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, etc. (though it oddly doesn’t appear to keep a high score list based around your trick points, a suggestion for the developer to add in a future update). Additionally I love the motif, that of a toy motocross bike zooming through the house across common household objects, something that has worked well for classics like Toy Commander on the Dreamcast, and Army Men RTS on various systems. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel that I’ve been playing since Kikstart II on the Commodore 64, but it doesn’t have to, not when it has great presentation, a charm all its own, and costs only 80 Microsoft Points.

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I’m a big fan of OSR/OSR Unhinged and Trials HD so I concur this game is fun although I thought a bit short not that many tracks. Others that enjoy this type of game might want to try out Red Bull X-Fighters in the arcade.

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