Asteroids Do Concern Me

Posted: 2011/09/20 in Indie Games

“Asteroids Do Concern Me” is one of the last few Indie Games Winter Uprising Games I had yet to review. Its gameplay reminds me a lot of Techno Kitten Adventures, a game recommended by James Johnston and Hamst3r, who had recommended it in an interview I did with them. I played it but didn’t choose to review it at that time, as it seemed to be missing a certain… something. Asteroids Do Concern Me, though, improves on the formula by adding new visual and difficulty modes, and a much appreciated dose of humour. The game has NES-like, Atari/Vector-like, Techo-Kitten-like, and Notebook-like graphical modes. All modes play the same, they’re just graphical overhauls.

The actual gameplay is focused around one button that, when pressed, boosts you up and above obstacles. If you need to fall below an asteroid, simply let your ship slowly fall. The simple controls mean timing is absolutely everything.

I mentioned humour, and the game admonishes you each time you die. Believe it or not, this contributes significantly to how much I enjoy the game, as it’s initially unexpected, often creative, and always appreciated. For 80 Microsoft Points, I’d recommend you at least trying the free trial of the game.


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