Posted: 2011/09/21 in Indie Games

Drizzle is a puzzle game with a unique ecological theme, and engaging gameplay. It was a Dream.Build.Play contest finalist in 2008, but not ultimately released until two years later. The service wasn’t even called Xbox Live Indie Games when this game first came to the public’s attention, it was still called Xbox Live Community Games. Drizzle has extremely imaginative levels, with a robotic yet colourful look. The game keeps you motivated to keep playing by having several Achievement-like awards that you can unlock, and a planet that slowly becomes uncovered from a thick cloak of pollution as you clean it up country by country. Rather than being a straight puzzle game, Drizzle mixes it up a bit by offering upgrades to your helper robot, introducing an element of strategy into the proceedings. Gameplay has you collecting acid rain and other impediments while your helper robots plants trees, etc. Drizzle’s got a good message, but doesn’t shove any messages down your throats. 240 Microsoft Points, and definitely worth it for me.


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