Football Games Room

Posted: 2011/09/22 in Indie Games

No one was more surprised than me with how much I enjoyed “Qoccer”, a turn-based strategy game based around soccer/football (“footy” to its friends), given I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the sport it’s based on (as a Canadian I was, perhaps not surprisingly, more interested in hockey). Well, there’s apparently more of that to go around, as today I purchased and am thoroughly impressed with Football Games Room (FGR).

FGR simulates a simulation: it has you playing as people playing a tabletop game. FGR has a subtle, yet effective, use of avatars by letting you choose avatars to play as, but also to create a crowd with. This is a great use of them, and much appreciated over the more gratuitous uses you sometimes see. Football Games Room itself has surprisingly compelling gameplay, particularly to people like me who played Robotron back in the day, and found Geometry Wars such a welcome return to form, as it’s a twin-stick sports game. FGR has you running with one stick, shooting with the other, which encourages fast and enjoyable gameplay. This game is best suited for footy fans, and especially those who will play it in local co-op with someone else, but for only 80 Microsoft Points it’s not hard to find a lot to like even for non-soccer fans such as myself. Though, developer take note, a Hockey Games Room sequel would be much appreciated.

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