Chu’s Dynasty

Posted: 2011/09/23 in Indie Games

Chu’s Dynasty (“Chus Dynasty” on the dashboard and compares itself to Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter in its official description. But what it reminded me of most was a 2D take on Capcom’s Dreamcast classic Power Stone, and that’s a very good thing indeed. Among the many things the game has going for it, it’s gorgeous looking. The presentation is truly one of the best in the entire Xbox Live Indie Games channel. During the demo you’ll likely just do some button-mashing, unless you spend time learning the game’s combos online first. While not as deep as a Street Fighter game, there are nonetheless a fair number of combos to learn and four campaign modes (one for each selectable character) to play through. I enjoyed Chu’s Dynasty a lot, much as I enjoyed playing around with Power Stone once upon a time without needing to dig so deeply into the game that I was spending more time online reading about it than actually playing. Easily worth 240 Microsoft Points to me, considered I paid $50 for games like this a couple of console generations ago.

  1. Ah, Power Stone! I remember it well, but had forgotten the name. If this bears any resemblance to Power Stone, I might have to try it.

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