Gladiators Escapade

Posted: 2011/09/30 in Indie Games

While I’m not at all sure it’s the best title for the game, “Gladiators Escapade” is nonetheless an absolutely fantastic game that offers something really unique. Despite the gladiators theme, the game doesn’t actually feature any violence at all. It’s a maze-’em-up, which has you avoiding enemies and solving puzzles as you make your way to the exit. Most surprisingly, “Gladiators Escapade” takes a page out of the playbook of fantasy games by having you collect items that you forge together into items you can use to help you complete the game. It’s a surprising touch that works brilliantly, and a nice change from the Pac Man-style maze collection where all you get for grabbing items is more points. Taking a cue from Halo, which innovated first person shooters by making you choose which weapons to take and which to leave and ended up being surprisingly better than those that let you carry the game’s entire arsenal with you, Gladiators Escapade only lets you take two items with you at any time which forces you to make tactical decisions about what to collect, what to forge, and what to take with you.

I could go on and on with all this game’s innovations, and some day I will, but for now I strongly recommend everyone purchase it. It’s an amazing game for only 80 Microsoft Points.

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