Day 333: TriLinea ReAct

Posted: 2011/10/10 in Indie Games

TriLinea ReAct was a 400 point game upon release, but has been reduced to 240 Microsoft Points. That’s a bonus for me as it’s been on my list for a while, but for some people I think it’s going to be what pushes them off the fence and gets them to buy as it has tremendously strong production values and a lot of content for that price. I’ve said more than a few of the games I’ve reviewed have good production values, but this one bests most of them, with Xbox Live Arcade-level presentation throughout (not just in-game, but menus, music, in-game hints for new players, and much more). The first time you realise that the environments aren’t for mere background, and that they interact with the board (for example, the pharaoh wiping the board clean with his arm) you’ll be impressed.

The game itself takes a match-3+ puzzle game (think Bejeweled, or a thousand other similar games) and adds RPG-ish elements, with a dash of Super Puzzle Fighter thrown in for good measure. I suppose it also reminded me a bit of Puzzle Quest, too, as I exploded groups of tiles to cast spells and otherwise rain destruction down on my opponent. This game is a bit more like Tetris/Columns/Puyo Puyo/etc. than Bejeweled, though, at least in so far as you have a lot of control over where you place tiles (which gives you both offensive and defensive options).

TriLinea ReAct smartly gives you a mode with challenges that lets you both learn the game and hone your skills. There’s Xbox Live multiplayer here, so when you’re finished fighting the CPU you can make the game fresh again. There’s a Mission mode where each level has varied goals (which doesn’t let you fall into a rut with your play style, as it forces you to roll with the punches). This list just scratches the surface of the available modes, there really is an absolutely tremendous amount of content here, but levels play quickly and it thankfully means you don’t have to spend untold hours with the game just to explore all the options. This game was well worth 400 Microsoft Points, but is an absolute steal at 240.

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