Day 356: Poker Night

Posted: 2011/11/02 in Indie Games

Circa 1980, my Mum and Dad bought the family a shiny new Mattel Intellivision for Christmas. This was the first major competitor to the Atari 2600, and would go on to be known for space games, sports games, and an add-on module that let it speak synthesised voice. However, the pack-in game was different: Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack. Taking advantage of the sophisticated controller, this game was an early glimpse at what the Intellivision could do (it even had an innovative way to do local multiplayer, normally not an option due to players seeing each other’s cards being a decided downer in a poker game). I grew up playing a wide variety of poker games, with names like 7 Card Stud and Five Card Draw.

Fast forward to today, and you wouldn’t know there *was* any kind of poker aside from Texas Hold ‘Em. While that’s in here too, Poker Night is a refreshing 80 Microsoft Point journey down memory lane to an era when there were several popular varieties of poker. This game has over 30 by my count, including every variety I was familiar with and a pile that I wasn’t. There are good explanations and tutorials, and this game could actually be looked at as educational for those who want to know more about poker in general. No option for local multiplayer here, but it does support online play and system link (and I’m hopeful the new “Beacons” feature of the autumn dashboard update will support indie games, and be a boon to those trying to find partners for low-population multiplayer games). Heartily recommended for anyone who fondly remembers an era before Texas Hold ‘Em, or is intriqued to learn more.


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