Day 363: AutoMorpion

Posted: 2011/11/08 in Indie Games

The developer of AutoMorpion compares the game to the addictiveness of Minesweeper in the game’s description, but the actual gameplay reminds me more of Tic-Tac-Toe combines with Othello… or something like that. The game is difficult to describe well, so here’s how the developer describes it:

“Move over Minesweeper! AutoMorpion is the next big “little” game to hit the XBox. Simple to learn, almost impossible to master, instantly addictive. The farther you go, the harder it gets, so you have to keep thinking several moves ahead. And you have to keep out-doing yourself. All you do is just keep adding one more dot to connect five dots in a row. Easy, right? Until it starts to grow…”

The game’s presentation is minimalistic, but it’s a compelling game for 80 Microsoft Points. I recommend a trial as, like with most “peg placing” kinds of games, it’s more fun to play than any description might suggest.


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