Day 364: B.U.T.T.O.N

Posted: 2011/11/09 in Indie Games

B.U.T.T.O.N (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) may be the only non-Kinect game for the Xbox that encourages players to clear furniture from in front of the TV before playing. But here it’s not because a special sensor is required, rather it’s because the odds of players getting hurt is simply too great otherwise. Intriqued, I downloaded the trial and subsequently bought the game. Here’s why.

I’ve rarely enjoyed so-called “party games”, but this one deserves the terms (and your interest, if you have people to play local multiplayer with) in spades. A typical match may have the player acting like monkeys, doing push-ups, making strange noises, swapping places, etc., culminating with the game giving each player instructions on how to interact with their Xbox controller in some way (holding down a button, pushing a button repeatedly, or even specifically not touching it, depending what the game asks of you).

Like charades, or other physical group games, the group polices itself to make sure that each player is doing as asked. The game changes a great deal depending on the set-up: play with one controller and people have to fight over it to get to their designated button; play with multiple controllers and suddenly playing keep-away becomes an option, to stop an opponent from scoring. If you get into it, the game can become *very* physical. Some may find this a more enjoyable way to work out than the bevy of Kinect fitness games available, in fact.

With a “Naughty” mode that my group of friends weren’t willing to try with me, the game has something for all ages (just make sure you’re selecting your menu options appropriately). This is one 240 Microsoft Point game that you should pass on if you never play local multiplayer, but should strongly consider if you have friends over and want to play the next generation of Twister.


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