Day 366: Physics Sandbox 2

Posted: 2011/11/11 in Indie Games

Both playing and looking a bit like Zoomaroom, Physics Sandbox 2 is exactly what it says: the second game in a series of sandbox games using about physics puzzles. The first game is still 240 Microsoft Points, but this improved sequel is only 80 MSP. Go figure. Because of that, I skipped the original and went straight to the sequel, and I’m enjoying it.

Physics Sandbox 2 brings together puzzle gaming with level creation tools that will be appreciated by those who use Forge in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. Or more to the point, if you loved The Incredible Machine then this is your game. You place objects in a 2D environment and attempt to exploit the game’s physics engine to create puzzles… or just to screw around. The game offers a set of pre-made puzzles to solve, for those who aren’t interested in the content creation, and the included puzzles are enough to justify an 80 point purchase. For those who like the idea of messing around with the physics engine themselves, it’s strongly recommended.


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