Day 367: Angle of Attack

Posted: 2011/11/12 in Indie Games

Most dual-stick shooter I’ve played can be broken down into ones that focus on combat, one that focuses on evading the enemy, and those that do both. A few mix it up with RPG-leveling elements, or collect-’em-up elements, but that’s the typical extent of the innovation. “Angle of Attack” takes it in an interesting new direction: you deploy resource collection ‘bots, and then must defend them in traditional twin-stick neon-drenched arena shooting action (such as re-popularised by Geometry Wars). The bots collect and activate nodes, and neither the nodes nor the bots can defend themselves which leads to some frantic action on the higher skill levels. “Angle of Attack” supports local co-op play for up to four players, and costs 80 Microsoft Points. If you’re looking for a game that reinvigorates the two-stick shooter genre, then “Angle of Attack”‘s strategy and resource collection makes it a game worth checking out.


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