Day 373: For Glory

Posted: 2011/11/18 in Indie Games

“For Glory” is not a game that everyone will enjoy, but those who get into it will probably enjoy it big time. It’s a guilty pleasure, but a good one.

The game casts you in the role of a knight, heading off from a castle on a quest. You start poorly equipped for battle, but every enemy you dispatch earns you “glory”. When you die (and you will) you get the opportunity to spend your glory on upgrades. You’re then put at the start of the game again, but now with those upgrades, and start off again. It’s an irreverent take on “new game+” that an increasing number of roleplaying games feature, where once you complete the game you get to start over and romp through it with your super-upgraded character. But here there are no continues, and you start over from the beginning each time.

It’s a system that in the wrong hands could have gone drastically wrong, feeling more like a grinding chore than a game, but it’s so well executed it’s hard not to love it. The game has tremendous character, with a hand-drawn art-style that’s deliberately done up as the video game equivalent of a B-movie so bad that it’s good. The enemies come with refreshing variety and inject charm of their own into the proceedings. A list of equipment upgrades nearly 100 items long (all of which you get to see on your character once equipped, which not all RPGs do), and humour-filled descriptions that are deliberately cryptic about which items are better than others all add to the quirky fun of the proceedings. For 80 Microsoft Points, anyone who ever loved Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, or similar will probably dig “For Glory”.

  1. I’ll have to check it out. I’m a sucker for novel ideas.

  2. Dan Amerson says:

    Played this over the weekend. I think there’s a good idea there, and the upgrade system has nods toward really good variety. e.g, You can spec your guy out for max glory with less attack power.

    However, I found the combat system wasn’t smooth or robust enough to make things really enjoyable. With more work and polish, I think this could have an awesome sequel, but I wouldn’t recommend this version.


  3. Nick Heckman says:

    Just stumbled on this while looking through our Twitter and man, I love seeing stuff like this. I’m really happy you guys enjoyed the game at least for a little while. All of those problems you guys mentioned were things we noticed, but were so strapped for cash at the time, we had to get something out. We haven’t really gotten anywhere on the sequel, For More Glory, because Celey and I have far too much on our plates at the moment. If you guys are interested you should check out our website , I’m releasing a demo of a new coop RPG for PC in a month or two and would love to get more feedback like this.

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