Day 375: DUENDE <デュエンディ>

Posted: 2011/11/20 in Indie Games

“DUENDE <デュエンディ>”‘s description is simply “High-speed robot TPS”, and it is exactly that: a high-speed robot third-person shooter. TEASOFT’s mech combat game is more “Virtual On” than it is Battletech, but rather than a 1-in-1 arena combat game there are a variety of enemies from small ones to huge bosses, and the entire affair is reimagined in a computer world that’s reminiscent of Tron.

I’m a huge fan of Exo-Squad, so referring to mechs as “frames” (likely short for exo-frame) is natural to me. The game provides a variety of frames to choose from, and there are different ways to equip each. Don’t expect a Forza Motorsport level of customisation, but it’s still impressive for a 240 Microsoft Point game. I had a lot of fun with it, especially the ability to turn on a very short-lived shield that, if timed right, actually bounces shots back at your enemies, further invoke the Tron feel for anyone who remembers the classic arcade game “Discs of Tron”. If you want an arena combat game with that Rez feel, “DUENDE <デュエンディ>” is it.

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