Day 377: The Earth Machine

Posted: 2011/11/22 in Indie Games

I grew up on a steady diet of ’70s science fiction, with shows like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and others capturing my attention. One particularly guilty pleasure was Space 1999, a show about the moon being blasted out of Earth’s orbit and the unlucky inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha being along for the ride. In the ’90s I got into a show called “Shadow Raiders” (based on the “War Planets” toy line). “The Earth Machine” invokes some of my interest in those shows, as you play the role of the Earth hurtling through space and being rolled out of the way of oncoming asteroids. You don’t get much stranger premises, and the game’s not jut a pure avoid-’em-up, making the game an 80 Microsoft Point curiosity that quickly became a must buy.

This game has you moving the Earth between different points on a grid to avoid the onrushing asteroids. The moon rotates around the Earth, and whenever it’s at its zenith you can launch a satellite. Get enough satellites and you can use them to defend the planet from the smaller asteroids. You can also take advantage of a laser defence network, should you get enough satellites in orbit to power it. This is one game that you might not have quite figured out by the end of the 8 minute trial, so you may have to take my word on this one and just try this ambitious and creative 80 MSP oddity.

Here’s what the developer (IconJ) wants you to know about the game:

“The Earth Machine, a futuristic journey through an asteroid ridden space. (A combination of memory and coordinative gameplay.)”


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