Day 378: Return All Robots

Posted: 2011/11/23 in Indie Games

I’ve been eagerly awaiting my chance to review this game, I’ve been following it closely since the day it came out. It’s dropped off enough lists long enough ago that it’s now time to give it a review. And what a game, and a total bargain at 240 Microsoft Points.

“Return All Robots” is a puzzle game where you are a new intern at a company where robots have gone crazy. You must lead the blue robots (ie. robots who have not gone crazy) to transporters, and help them avoid dangers, but standing in your way are red robot (the crazy ones).

All robots will move in a straight line until they hit an obstacle. At that point they will turn and head towards you and keep going in that new direction until they hit another obstacle. You may have played an “ice slider” game, and this is similar in concept to that. The blue robots are heading in your direction as they attempt to subserviently follow your lead to safety, whereas the red robots are seeking to attack you and the blue robots. You must make sure the red robots do not touch you, the transporters, or the blue robots. How will you stop the red robots and/or alter the path of the blue robots in necessary ways? You have devices like a robotic turtle that can block/alter their paths, but a lot of it will come down to making sure you’re where you need to be when a given robot hits an obstacle and re-orients its path. And there are threats to all of the above (including you) in the environments of some levels.

This is one game that seems deceptively simple during the trial period, but beyond the first 8 minutes (potentially within the latter half of the 8 minute trial if you beat the early levels really quickly) they get a lot more challenging. “Return All Robots” is an absolute must play.


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