Day 380: Attack of the Verbose Dinosaur

Posted: 2011/11/25 in Indie Games

I was sure I had reviewed this before, but a search of all nearly 400 reviews didn’t turn it up, so here it is at last: “Attack of the Verbose Dinosaur”.

It has the strangest premise of any game I’ve played yet: you play a dinosaur that read great works of literature in sunken shipwrecks, but upon getting an internet connection and discovering the horror of modern language (mis)usage, surfaces to attack humanity.

As for actual gameplay, think Bust-A-Move merged with Scrabble, and the motif of arcade classic Rampage. The presentation is merely OK, but the gameplay is awesome, and I must admit I find the premise focusing on “133t-speak” warms my cockles. Pay your 80 Microsoft Points, and in no time you’ll be firing off bubbles with letters in them to destroy those pesky language-bastardising humans.

Here’s what the developer (AIMra) wants you to know about the game:

“It’s the attack of the 50ft verbose dinosaur! Help the dinosaur on his quest to avenge the misuse of language! Form words and then explode them to damage buildings! Use power-ups to increase your destructive power!”


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