Day 381: Petunk

Posted: 2011/11/26 in Indie Games

“Petunk” is one that I missed my first time through the December 2010 releases in the indie games channel. It’s a game that marries marbles and mini golf (or pool, if you prefer) with a construction paper motif. It’s very well executed, with simple controls and special features (rebound zones, water hazards, and more). The construction paper look is unique and gives the game a bit of fun factor that more standard graphics might have lacked. It’s 80 Microsoft Points well spent if you like pool and/or mini golf games, games with really unique elements (I’m looking at you “Alan C Plus Tea”), or puzzle games.

Here’s what the developer, Hypercube Games, wants you to know about Petunk”

“Petunk is a fun putt-putt style puzzle game. Bounce off of walls and obstacles to win. This game is made entirely out of construction paper.”


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