Day 382: Alawishus Pixel

Posted: 2011/11/27 in Indie Games

“Alawishus Pixel” is a mash-up of a box-pushing puzzle game and a platformer. I liked it better than any straight box-pushing puzzler I’ve played, so the marriage makes sense to me. You have the standard mechanic of pushing boxes onto switches, but you also must navigate the environment around obstacles typical of platformers (many box pushing games are top-down affairs, not a side scroller like “Alawishus Pixel”), and some enemies must be killed by dropping boxes on them (though think carefully before you do that, you may need that box later to solve a puzzle or get to an otherwise inaccessible area).

It doesn’t take a degree in “rocket appliances” to complete, nor is it as punishingly hard as some of the recent indie game platformers, but what it does it does well for 80 Microsoft Points. Here’s what the developer (“Frog The Door”) wants you to know about “Alawishus Pixel”:

“Is carrying out a lifetime of the same task the bastion of futility or human resilience? We may never know, but at least Alawishus Pixel is fun! Play through 40 levels of platforming mayhem as you test your mind and dexterity in the newest indie from Frog the Door Games. Can you make it to the end? Only 80 Microsoft points!”

  1. Seems like something I’d enjoy. Thanks for the heads-up. This is the strength of Writing of Mass Deduction – tipping me off about fun games that I might never have stumbled across otherwise.

    • That’s why I enjoy doing it, I’ve been able to discover a tonne of games I otherwise never would have heard of, and all the better if you are others are enjoying some of those discoveries too.

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