Day 383: Quizocalypse

Posted: 2011/11/28 in Indie Games

“Quizocalypse” offers one very specific thing that elevates it above a lot of the competition for me: nerdy trivia. If you’re familiar with internet memes, 16-bit era console videos games, and 80s and 80s animated television (to name just a few), you may struggle with the broader cultural references of Jeopardy, but you’ll likely thrive in Quizocalypse. I can take or leave the zombie theme (though it gains points for great animation, lots of humour, and in-jokes to Resident Evil and other zombie properties), but at least it’s done lovingly and doesn’t feel like a cash-in. Local multiplayer means you and your equally nerdy 20 and 30-something friends can have a blast playing together guessing what video game is the answer to a given question, or typing in the Konami code and actually getting a response to it from the game (I won’t spoil what it is).

Here’s what the developer (Wolpertinger Games) wants you to know about the game:

“Quizocalypse is a quiz game with zombies! Got brainz? Because they are hungry. Choose your zombie – Lickin’ Lou, Zealous Zoe, Billy the Brain or Friendly Frank – and compete for massive amouts of delicious brain. You will only get it, if you get the answers right. And the questions are all about the nerdy, geeky and trashy stuff.”


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