Day 384: Pinky vs Blocks

Posted: 2011/11/29 in Indie Games

Every once in a while I run across a fantastic game that’s rated nowheresville on the Dashboard. “Pinky vs Blocks” is one of those games, rated a mere 2/5 stars on but easily a 4/5 game in my opinion. It brilliantly pulls together Tetris and a platformer, with a theme that subtly invokes Lemmings, tasking you with finding ways to help your little pink character move from one tetris board to the other, dropping the pieces literally to bridge one level to the next so that your pink blob can make its way across. Sometimes you need to clear enough lines to unlock doors, other times you need to construct structures to cross gaps. As the game develops you’ll be teleporting around each level and more. This game is amazing with a capital “A”, and I recommend it highly. It’s a crazy good deal for 80 Microsoft Points for a game like this full of innovation, and character (such as your extra lives bouncing around in a window on the left-hand side of the screen).

Here’s what the developer (Victor Arnelas) wants you to know about the game:

“A game that mixes platforms, cleverness and a retro style. Guide Pinky along more than a fifty different levels where he will need to use his skills and mental controlling on the blocks falling down on him in order to scape the prison of blocks where he’s at. If you think of yourself as a master of blocks games, platform games and puzzles, you have to give Pinky vs Blocks a try!”


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