Day 388: Jurassic

Posted: 2011/12/03 in Indie Games

I’m a fan of strategies and simulations, but that isn’t the strongest category in the indie games channel (despite a few standout titles). “Jurassic”‘s a strong entrant, though you could argue it’s as much inspired by Sega’s classic “Columns” as it is any strategy game. Think Plants Vs. Zombies, but replace the tower defence with a mechanic where you “craft” soldiers by playing a game similar to columns. Match up the gems and you will create cavemen warriors to attack the anachronistic dinosaurs that keep marching forward (in a style reminiscent of Plants Vs. Zombies). It’s works well, and is a great 240 Microsoft Point purchase for fans of any of the above kinds of titles.

Here’s what the developer (RD) has to say about the game:

“Jurassic is a tower defense puzzler where you play the role of clan chief who must battle against an attacking horde of baby dinosaurs. Join colored rocks as they fall on the board and turn them into cavemen to fight at your side. Its time to settle the oldest grudge in history!”


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