Day 392: Block Puzzle’s Revenge

Posted: 2011/12/07 in Indie Games

How do you top Tetris? Some have tried by simplifying it, usually without success. Others have tried to make it more complicated, also often without success. “Block Puzzle’s Revenge” succeeds on every level though, making it a must buy for 80 Microsoft Points.

Gone are (most) of the classic Tetris blocks, forcing you to come up with new strategies and patterns for the new block shapes. But what really sets “Block Puzzle’s Revenge” is it’s four well mode, where you have to choose which of four wells to drop the piece into. Simple, right? Well, not so fast. You have to consider a few things simultaneously: the strategies about which pieces will fit into which wells the best, but also you have to keep all four wells reasonably active. Go too long without adding something to a well and penalties start to pile up (such as hidden lines within the well, making it a game of memorisation). There are several modes, but for me this one was the standout and easily justified the price of admission.

Here’s what the developer (Apoxxle) has to say about the game:

“The block’s are getting their revenge! Take control and move between four fields at once and try to keep the fields up and alive. The timer keeps ticking, boss blocks keep dropping, prolong the block menace as long as possible! Features visual and audio changes to keep the pacing up, along with classic and two player competitive modes.”


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