Posted: 2011/12/08 in Indie Games

I have a bad headache today, so the proper review will have to wait for tomorrow, but I bought spin today and am enjoying it.

  1. Any game with spaceships in it is already at least a 1-star out of 5 before anything else is added to the game, but there are some that don’t go much further than that. Spin does. But it doesn’t at first. Let me explain.

    The controls take a bit of getting used to (this is one game where you might just have to trust me and sink the 80 MSP because the 8 minute trial might not be long enough. The key is to make judicious use of your brakes, which (with practice) will let you control the ship with a great deal more finesse. Those who remember the Amiga “Boing Ball” will see some similarity in the aesthetics of the ship you’re controlling (not a bad reference to draw, IMO). Before you know it you’ll be fighting pirates, grabbing escape pods, and exploring space around you. This is another deeply hidden gem (too few votes to have a rating on Xbox.com) and absolutely worth trying.

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