Day 394: Graviton

Posted: 2011/12/09 in Indie Games

“Graviton” is another game that traces its history back to a Net Yaroze game. Like “Timeslip” (which I previously reviewed), “Graviton” is based on a game released on a little-known Playstation 1 hobbyist/indie development system. It’s fundamentally a racing game, but one where the course is riddled with gravitational effects that wreak havoc with your ship as you try to navigate. It supports both single and multiplayer, with singleplayer being a time attack concept where you try to better previous bests, and multiplayer maintaining that while adding the ability to engage in combat with your opponent. It’s an interesting experience fighting off your opponent while simultaneously fighting the walls of the track (and other things) trying to suck you towards them with their gravitational forces, making it a unique racing experience. The presentation is relatively basic, save for the impressive particle effects on your contrails. Like with yesterday’s game, Spin, the game takes a little getting used to but with practice (and 80 MSP) I found I became proficient with them pretty quickly. There are 40 maps in total, and nine power-ups in deathmatch mode.

Here’s what the developer (Silvan) has to say about the game:

“Freely inspired by the old Gravitation of the Net Yaroze with some improvements. Learn to perfectly control your ship and challenge your friends in both making the best lap time or fast dead match. Thirty-one race map, nine dead match map, nine power up in dead match mode, in a fast simple and good looking game. Author: Silvano Mantione.”


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