Day 397: Basketball Trick Shot

Posted: 2011/12/12 in Indie Games

If not for legal considerations, this game could have been called “Nothing But Net”. Remember those classic ’80s commercials with basketball stars shooting hoops through ever-more-complicated obstacles? Well, someone decided that it had potential as a game idea and “Basketball Trick Shot” was born. And I’m happy to report they were right (and I’m saying that as someone who has only a passing familiarity with, and virtually no interest in, basketball).

“Basketball Trick Shot” has little to do with basketball, rather it’s a physics-based puzzler. More “Crush the Castle”/”Angry Birds”/“FishCraft” than “NBA 2K12”, you’re tasked with getting the ball from where you are to the hoop past various obstacles blocking your way. Initially you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about as the game looks like one of EA’s One-on-One games (“Jordan vs. Bird” or “Magic vs. Bird”) as the game teaches you the basic mechanics, but suddenly the obstacles come into play and the game takes on new life. The game is surprisingly well fleshed out, including a level-editor. The content more than justifies an 80 Microsoft Point game. As a bonus, the game is also available for Windows Phone 7 for those who prefer mobile gaming.

Here’s what the developer (Nick Metnik) has to say about the game:

“Basketball Trick Shot is a physics based game. The goal is simple… put the ball in the basket. Challenge yourself with the 20 pre-built levels or create your own levels for timeless fun!”


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